Release 3.1

Side Effects presents vSTAGE 3.1.0 with many new features and makes the Digital 3D Twin Solution available in its latest version.

A redesigned user interface. Hundreds of performance improvements to speed up your workflow. Create and edit manuals, presentations and training even more efficiently in the virtual 3D environment.

We regularly publish official releases. Check back to find out about all the new features.



New Render Pipeline

Even more photorealistic

Feel like you could actually touch your 3D twin. Experience vastly improved graphics with our newly implemented renderer. Better materials, improved lighting setups and a selection of new scenes will enable you to create high-end 3D experiences within no time.

Changes in Color Space

Why Do My Existing Projects Appear Altered in vSTAGE 3.1.0?

In vSTAGE 3.1.0, we have implemented an enhanced rendering pipeline that operates in a distinct color space. As a result, legacy projects may exhibit altered visual characteristics, potentially appearing overbright when rendered.

To resolve this issue, users have the option to change the existing scenery settings within their projects. Alternatively, you may opt to utilize one of the newly-integrated sceneries designed to be compatible with the updated color space. These optimized sceneries are easily identifiable, as they are prefixed with "3.1".

By either adjusting your current settings or selecting a 3.1-prefixed scenery, you can ensure your projects achieve the intended visual output.

Linking, Placing, Aligning

with a few clicks

The new intelligent Linking and Aligning panel in vSTAGE offers an unprecedented level of control over 3D objects within your scene. This intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly link or unlink objects, creating cohesive groupings that act as if one object is adhered to another. Additionally, users can take advantage of a specialized function to position one 3D object directly onto the surface of another. The panel further elevates customization with robust alignment options, permitting users to align objects based on their position, rotation, or both, thereby streamlining design workflows and enhancing overall project accuracy


Collaborate with other users

Don't search any further, the Industrial Metaverse is already here. While sitting at their own workplace, people can share an experience in a 3D scene together. It is as easy as hitting the "join" button. If they have VR headsets, they can also use those to enter the session to immerse themselves fully into the digital world.

New Utilities

Place light sources and add advanced rotations

We removed some hurdles for your creative workflow by adding two new nifty helpers. Axial Motor: Everybody knows a handle is attached to a door. But when exporting 3D items from CAD, sometimes such connections get lost. vSTAGE 3.1 now allows you to group and rotate together what belongs together on the fly. So if you try to open a door, the handle stays where it is supposed to be. Another helper is the Light Source which allows you to put your product in the right light and makes those new materials even look better.


More stylish than ever

There are another set of panels now: global panels. They can appear on multiple steps which makes them suitable for any content you wish to keep in place for a longer time.

Additional styling possibilities like:

  • Rounded corners for panels
  • Custom background colors and font sizes for headings
  • You can choose fonts from a list of websafe fonts or upload your own

Panels have new layouting capabilities like:

  • Pin to bottom: always align a panel at the bottom
  • Auto adjust height: the panel shrinks and grows with its content