What is a 3D Digital Twin?

About a game changer for the machinery industry

Imagine your machine or whole production line is down.

Desperately you search for the PDF manual. Finally, you have found the right place in the manual, but the translation is atrocious. You don’t understand which component of the machine you have to replace. For hours you stand in front of the machine in despair, while the management stands behind you, worried.

“Has the error been fixed yet?” the CEO asks anxiously.

No wonder: The cost of downtime is 30,000 USD per hour. Your pulse has settled at an unhealthily high level and your nerves are on edge. Surely there must be a better solution for this?

There is such a thing: 3D Digital Twins.

Or in other words: a virtual counterpart of your machines, embodying all knowledge about it, from step-by-step instructions to assembly guides up to a virtual monitoring system, allowing its control, optimization, and simulation.

The twin as a troubleshooting companion

The digital twin knows exactly the health of the machine and where errors are most likely to occur. The twin reports that its physical counterpart needs urgent maintenance before the error appears. If a fault occurs, the digital twin will guide you step by step in troubleshooting.


A step-by-step instruction with a 3D Digital Twin


Additionally, the machine’s sensor data is displayed live: If our patient has fever, the twin knows where and when the fever occurred. And how to treat the patient to correct the error. Thanks to the interactive step-by-step instructions, you can fix the error in no time.

You need a spare part to fix the error? No problem, ordering the component is easy — just click on it once to place your order.


With a 3D Digital Twin you can order spare parts just by clicking on the part

The twin as teacher

Are you a new employee? 3D digital twins accompany you, you get to know the machine interactively and playfully. Without prior knowledge you can become an expert single-handedly. Therefore digital twins can help counteract the shortage of skilled workers, as they can be enriched with the entire knowledge about the machines.

Ask the twin, it is ready for you at any time, regardless of the time, your language skills, or your prior knowledge. The twin is always at your side, alleviating your daily work.

The digital twin in multiplayer mode

Imagine you and your teammates meeting in a virtual room and discussing the features of a machine that don’t yet physically exist. In a virtual space without the boundaries given by the size of the whiteboard or the meeting room.


Two persons using Virtual Reality as an immersive, collaborative option to learn about this machine’s functionality

Digital twins — delivered with the physical product

Have you ordered all the individual parts for a machine but don’t know how to assemble them? Just scan a QR code located on the machine. The digital twin of the machine appears in front of you, assembling itself and assisting you every step of the way.

Need some human assistance after all? Don’t worry, you can also request support via the digital twin. The support staff uses the digital twin to be able to assist you remotely.

A final word

You might think that I have just predicted the future for you. But that’s not true. More and more companies are turning to 3D digital twins. Digital twins are not only shaping the mechanical engineering industry. Digital twins are also increasingly ubiquitous in the field of

• Power engineering

• Security

• Building services engineering and

• In urban development

Not only digital twins are at your side — I also support you. I may not be a digital twin, but you can still count on me.
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Author: Nina Wagner