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René Krebs


… started his career with a federal diploma as a premedia specialist, then sought out new challenges in 2D and 3D animation. After graduating in digital film and animation from the SAE, he felt drawn steadily deeper into the world of moving images. A bachelor's in game design from Zurich University of the Arts put him on track to an interactive future. A passionate conceptual designer and spinner of ideas, he sees the rise of gamification as opening up new and exciting possibilities. 

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Martin Tuor


…entered professional life with a federal diploma in computer science and a fascination for programming. He subsequently broadened his horizons into graphics. As a self-taught perfectionist in this field, his favourite disciplines include 3D, interactive design and animation.

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Roland Hochuli

Head of sales / Consulting

… started with a federal diploma as an electronics engineer. He soon moved out into the field: as a support engineer at an American company, he was responsible for Switzerland and Austria and gained international work experience. He entered the IT and telecommunications sector as an account manager a little over 20 years ago. Customer advice and support are among his favourite work.


David Krummenacher

Interaction Programmer Unity 3D

…attained a Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Computer Science as the first step on a long academic journey – Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film & Animation at SAE Zurich, Bachelor and subsequently Master of Arts in Game Design at Zurich University of the Arts – before finally arriving at Side Effects AG. Broad know-how gives him a clear and steady overview, while he is poised to dive into specific technical challenges as a creative problem solver.


Pascal Zirn

3D / Motion Designer

… got into image processing as early as his fifth school year. His fascination for multimedia – web, video, motion, VFX, games – made him the classic autodidact. He has wide-ranging know-how in various disciplines and continues to expand his knowledge. He earned a bachelor's in character animation and left a career in the web business to pursue his real passion of 3D/CGI. "My best decision so far!"


Regula Gerber

Administration / Webdesign

…started with a degree in illustration fiction at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. She began taking an interest in moving images already as a student. The interdisciplinary fusion of technology, aesthetics and storytelling constantly opens up new possibilities that she enthusiastically varies and tests out.


Rocco Galli

Senior Application Developer


Michael Müller

Interaction Programmer Unity 3D

...dived into the world of web and print design first, before he chose to visit the academic world. Being fascinated by new technologies and media like 3D cameras, augmented and virtual reality, he chose to get his bachelor degree in game design at the Zurich University of the Arts. After that, he participated in multiple game productions and gained programming experience for a lot of different platforms. Today, he is interested in the ever-changing interaction between human and computer.