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Digital Twin Solutions


360° Monitoring

Monitor an entire production plant at a glance and react to errors within seconds.

The clear presentation and evaluation of data volumes with location-relevant information can quickly become a problem. With the greatest possible flexibility, our digital twins can be used to show all production states directly.

If required or in case of deviations from the norm, the camera flies directly to the relevant destination and provides information efficiently and accurate to within a millimeter.

  • Faster error localization
  • Efficient introduction of service personnel
  • Spatial logging of errors & sensors
  • Flexible sensor alarming concepts
  • Support of revision work


Training program

Autonomous employee training directly at the production line. 

After logging in, the employees will be guided through production according to their current location in space and receive a virtual presentation of the relevant information. Since all information is displayed using the 3D digital twin, the orientation is particularly clear and the training effect is exceptionally good.

Add additional 3D facility data to extend e.g. emergency training. You can also include questions for checking knowledge. All answers are stored on vHUB and can be managed by you.

  • Autonomous - no additional personnel required
  • Standardization of training courses
  • Fast training creation by yourself
  • Employee profile incl. training certificates
  • Exam questions for knowledge control



Thanks to maximum freedom of movement and information, it is possible to present your products in a new interactive way. All while responding to the questions of your customers as efficiantly as possible.

A multitude of information can be displayed at any time and combined with the 3D digital twin. Thanks to the intuitive editor in vSTAGE, you can create a completely interactive presentation by yourself after only 2 hours of training.

  • Fully flexible 360° view of the product
  • All content completely editable by you
  • Hide & highlight components with one click
  • Create and start animations 
  • Add Text, Images, Videos and PDFs into the presentation





Due to the modular structure of our services, every application can be extended without restrictions. For example, a training course can be easily extended by reading and displaying live sensor data. You can manage and activate any adjustments yourself. You configure your own interactive application so that it fits your needs perfectly.

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